In the nearly two decades since our first transaction, Pacific Broadcasting Company has become one of the leading innovators in the sector.  We offer a unique combination of experience, contacts, and expertise to help our clients, partners, and portfolio companies achieve their goals.

As investors, our approach is simple. We seek compelling opportunities with sound fundamentals and solid prospects for generating attractive long term returns.  Intellectual property, private transactions and emerging media technologies that may not yet be widely appreciated or efficiently valued are of particular interest to us, but we also consider traditional broadcast opportunities including operating stations, communications towers, networks and related software.

As consultants, we work with private equity investors, entrepreneurs, financing sources, boards of directors, and other core constituencies in capital formation, mergers & acquisitions, restructurings, technology innovation and spectrum development.  By leveraging our experience, extensive network of contacts and industry expertise, we help our clients and partners realize their financial goals and achieve their strategic objectives.

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